About DOLL – a Photonics Green Lab

DOLL is Denmark’s new platform for developing future LED-lighting solutions. DOLL’s aim is to create energy efficiency and intelligent indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, and to generate jobs.

DOLL consists of three laboratories:
•    Living Lab located in Hersted Industrial Park, Albertslund offers a 1:1 experience of outdoor lighting.
•    Quality Lab located at The Technical University of Denmark’s (DTU) Photonics department in Roskilde offers manufacturers and buyers tests and documentation of all aspects of artificial lighting.
•    Virtual Lab located at DTU Photonics in Roskilde can test, develop, and validate light solutions virtually generated in 3D.

A future-proof transition to LED technologies
DOLL supports municipalities, regions and private companies, in cooperation with scientists, with the development of new and improved lighting solutions. LED lighting is a promising technology which can lead to major cost reductions. A crucial part of this transition from traditional illuminates to more sustainable illuminates is to focus on quality, the end-user, and energy efficiency. DOLL’s three laboratories will take part in ensuring a future-proof transition to new lighting technologies.

DOLL is operated from Gate21.


DOLL is supported by: