Advisors and Architects

With massive replacements from traditional light sources to LED, indoor as well as outdoor, the public sector is facing significant investments, which require guidance and counselling. But how can we ensure that LED products live up to the promises from manufacturers and suppliers?


DOLL is partnering with advisors and architects and can offer tests and characterisation of lighting components as well as visualising projects prior to implementation and construction.


Quality Lab tests and characterises light sources, lamps and materials, while Virtual Lab can help  virtualise and verify a given architectonic or engineerical solution in a project. With Living Lab, advisors and architects are presented with an opportunity to experience outdoor lighting quality in a real-life environment, which offers a foundation for the best possible counselling of the buyers.

If you want to know more about
Quality and Virtual Lab, please contact:

Paul Michael Petersen
T: +45-46774512



If you want to know more about
Living Lab, please contact:

Kim Brostrøm
M: +45-40326810

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