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The market for LED is very competitive and the technology is under continuous development. This gives reasoning for the importance of quality indicators such as power consumption, colour reproduction capacities and spectral composition of light in order to acquire new projects and orders. Simultaneously, new technologies create a need for the end user to get the opportunity to experience and evaluate lighting solutions in real life.


In Living Lab manufacturers and suppliers can show their products and solutions in an outdoor 1:1 environment located in Hersted Industripark, Albertslund. Living Lab gives manufacturers who are working with lighting, intelligent lighting and Smart City-technologies the opportunity to show potential buyers their products in a real urban environment.


With Quality Lab manufacturers and suppliers can test and characterise sub-components, lighting units and complete lighting systems. Quality Lab can test lumen output, distribution of light, general colour rendering index, spectral composition, correlated colour temperature, energy efficiency, regularity, average intensity of lighting, and levels of glare, amongst others.


By the use of mathematical modelling, Virtual Lab can assist manufacturers with virtualising products and solutions in a realistic setting and hereby show potential buyers, how a certain product will function in a given area or scenario.

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