Municipalities and Regions

Danish regions and municipalities have to replace outdoor lighting over a two-three year period, investing up to €400 million. DOLL will contribute to ensuring that municipalities and regions increase energy efficiency and achieve a high level of lighting quality in the process.


Municipalities and regions can test new lighting solution in DOLL’s three laboratories. This gives a qualified basis for decisions because decision-makers can:
  • Test the quality of light (Quality Lab)
  • Test solutions in a virtual environment, which simulates the actual settings in which the light functions (Virtual Lab)
  • See the lighting solutions in a real 1:1 environment (Living Lab)

Read more about the opportunities to test new lighting solutions in DOLL’s laboratories.

If you want to know more about
Quality and Virtual Lab, please contact:

Paul Michael Petersen


If you want to know more about
Living Lab, please contact:

Kim Brostrøm

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