Quality Lab

DOLL Quality Lab is a high-tech laboratory at The Technical University of Denmark with facilities and equipment to test and characterise all aspects of artificial light from illuminates and lighting fixtures.  
The Quality Lab can test and characterise light sources, fixtures, lamps and lighting components. The laboratory has a goniophotometer, integrated spheres, illumination meter, spectrometer and a luminance camera. These can measure anything from spectral distribution to average illumination on light sources and lamps.
The laboratory's measurements are taken according to national and international standards for photometry and lighting.

The main functions at DOLL Quality Lab are

  • Measurements of light intensity (ASCII, Eulumdat, IES)
  • Measurements of total flux (lm)
  • Measurements of colour temperature (K)
  • Measurements of colorimetry and colour coordinates (CRI, Ra)
  • Measurements of glare [Cd/cm2]
  • Measurements of socket efficiency [%]
  • Measurements of energy efficiency [W]
  • Measurements of power and voltage [A, V]
  • Measurements of efficiency [lm/W]
  • Measurements of spectral composition  
  • Analysis of optical lenses and lens systems
  • Calculation of optics
  • Calculation of socket efficiency [%]
  • Guidance in mixing diodes and light sources
  • Guidance in tinting light

The equipment used is


  • Goniophotometer: Techno Team, Rigo 801
  • Integrated spheres: Instrument Systems, ISP1000 & ISP2000
  • Spectrometer: Instrument Systems, CAS 140, 380-1040nm
  • Luminance camera: LMK-5,5 filters incl. Scotopic, Circadian and Infrared
  • Luxmeter: PRC Krochmann, f1’ < 1.2%
  • Temperature constant lab: 25 degrees Celsius +/- 1 degrees
  • Humidity stabilised lab: maximum of 65% humidity

For more information, please contact

Paul Michael Petersen


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