Virtual Lab

DOLL Virtual Lab is a high-tech laboratory located at The Technical University of Denmark. The laboratory tests, develops, and validates lighting solutions by generating them virtually in 3D.


Virtual models of outdoor and indoor lighting solutions are powerful tools for saving resources and ensuring the optimal solution for a certain physical project. Luminaire manufacturers, contractors, and public decision-makers can use the laboratory for developing and implementing luminaires and lighting solutions.


The virtual models of non-existing light solutions are made in the laboratory as part of the project scope. The lab is considered a tool for validation and concept assessment. A tool wherein outdoor and indoor lighting solutions are tested and assessed for further development. Building on this the solutions can be given data acceptance before an actual physical project is purchased.


The main functions at DOLL Virtual Lab are


Simulations of

  • Light sources
  • Luminaires
  • Lighting materials
  • Applications for outdoor lighting systems
  • Applications for indoor lighting systems


Construction of CAD models
  • The CAD models are imported and used in the Virtual Lab using IGES, STL, STEP, SLDPRT, SLDASM, etc.
  • Data Conversion of scanned objects (point cloud data) for import of Virtual Lab software


Set-up of software and parameters

  • Addition of material qualities and characteristics for 3D models
  • Addition of technical light characteristics for models
  • Addition of specifications via data generated in our Quality Lab
  • Addition of specifications by use of files generated by a third party

For more information, please contact

Paul Michael Petersen


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