Visitor Center Facilities

In the Visitor Center, partners in DOLL Living Lab have the privilege to facilitate meetings with customers and other stakeholders, because they are authorized to book the Visitor Center Facilities. Bear in mind that login credentials are required for accessing the booking system. If you would like access, please contact Hedvig Spang-Hanssen on +45-53547003 or

Meeting Rooms

The Visitor Center offers three facilitiesKontrolrummet”, „Salen” and „Mødelokalet”

Kontrolrummet accommodates 15-20 persons and is equipped with a 522" video wall. With a clickshare-connection one or more lap-tops can be connected to the flat screen which, among others, demonstrates:

  • A map of the DOLL Living Lab
  • Energy consumption of the 60 unique lighting solutions in DOLL Living Lab
  • 11 management systems used for operating the light
  • Presentations (one or more simultaneously)

Salen has room for 35-45 persons and is fitted with a 522” video wall, a projector and a whiteboard.

Mødelokalet is limited to 7 persons and is equipped with a flat screen and a whiteboard.

In addition, the facilities include access to a tea kitchen with a refrigerator, and high quality coffee and tea.

Book a meeting room here


Catering for meetings in the DOLL Visitor Center can be ordered through Telefon-Service ApS (located in the same building as DOLL Visitor Center). Telefon-Service ApS handles individual catering requests and is flexible as to coordination of all logistical matters.

Contact Telefon-Service ApS:

M: +45-43630344
or please contact Hedvig Spang-Hanssen


The lighting solutions in DOLL Living Lab are demonstrated on a 1:1 scale on twelve kilometers of roads and pathways. Requests for transportation to and within the DOLL Living Lab can be met by Schmidts Turisttrafik A/S, which provides bus services with a DOLL-discount included in the price.

Contact Schmidts Turisttrafik A/S:

M: +45-43630344
or please contact hedvig Spang-Hanssen

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