Smart Outdoor Lighting

Street Lights consume 350 GWh yearly, which means there is a great potential for optimising energy efficiency by replacing light sources.


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Biological Effects of Light

Especially in elder care and rehabilitation, as well as hospitals, the potential for working actively with lighting is great.


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Smart Indoor Lighting

An area with great potential for energy efficiency and because new innovative solutions make it possible to increase the quality of indoor environments,

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Smart City

DOLL is focusing on Smart City Services since they could be a pivotal key for handling the challenges of more populated cities. 

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Target groups

Utility Companies

Utility companies can get help with evaluating new lighting solutions prior to installation and after installation test if the solutions meet the requirements. 
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Manufacturers and suppliers can show, test and charaterise subcomponents, lighting units and complete lighting solutions in the three unbiased laboratories.
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Public Authorities

Municipalities and regions can test new lighting solutions in DOLL’s three laboratories. This gives a qualified basis for decisionsmaking.
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DOLL can help adivsors and architects and test and charaterise lighting components as well as visualise projects i 3D prior to implementation an construction.
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  • 7. AUG 2016
    DOLL is also in Rio
  • 12. JUL 2016
    Free help to see the light virtually
  • 31. MAR 2016
    Sensors are the smart city´s eyes, ears and nose
  • 18. MAR 2016
    Smart solutions side by side
  • 16. MAR 2016
    DOLL Living Lab is growing

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